Upcoming Events At The Orange County Great Park


This is a park wide event for families.  Children dress up in costume, there are many activities, pumpkin patch, and trick or treating.

We have traditionally done a seed planting event for kids in the Farm and Food Lab. This year due to construction, we will host a day booth and make seed balls with the kids in the hanger.

Dates:  October 14 and 15 from 9 am to 3pm for two shifts each day (9-noon, noon -3) for 5 Master Gardeners for each shift.  The garden activity will be helping children create California Poppy Seed Balls to take home.
See the city website for more info:

Garden Workshops at the Farm and Food Lab (start at 10 am, speaker to arrive at 9am, MG helpers at 9:30am.  Workshop concludes at 11 am)

January 20 – Pruning Fruit Trees
Peaches, Plums, Apples and More!  Keep your deciduous fruit trees healthy and producing by appropriate pruning during their dormant season.  University of California Master Gardeners will demonstrate the pruning process as well as provide an opportunity for hands on pruning practice by attendees.  Bring loppers if available.  Disease and pest control as well as fertilizing and irrigation practices will also be covered.
February 17 – Successful Raised Bed Gardens, Part 1
Want a prolific veggie garden in a small space?  Raised beds are the answer!  Discover the many options for building raised beds, they can even match your decor!  University of California Master Gardeners will also share tips on soil, irrigation and fertilizer.  First in a two part series, plant selection, layout, care and pest control will be discussed at the March 17 workshop.  Explore the many raised beds at the Farm + Food Lab to get ideas.
March 17 – Successful Raised Bed Gardens, Part 2
It’s Tomato Time!  And time to plant all those veggies that love warm weather.  Tomatoes, zucchini, beans, peppers and more thrive and produce abundantly when grown in the easy to care for environment of raised beds.  University of California Master Gardeners will share tips for plant selection, layout, starting from seed or using transplants, feeding, watering and keeping those veggies free of pests and disease.  This is part 2 of the ‘Successful Raised Bed Gardens’ workshop on 2/17, handouts from the first workshop will be available for those who could not attend Part 1.
See you there, or in the garden soon.
UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County

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Pacifica Orthopedics is a leading Orthopedic Care Center

Pacifica Orthopedics
is a leading Orthopedic Care Center serving the community for over 25
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Our distinguished team of Physicians and Specialists are highly
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nonsurgical options in every orthopedic subspecialty.

Patients from all walks of life rely on us to help them recover from injury, heal chronic pain or achieve top competitive performance. We create progressive programs that tailor surgical and non-surgical treatments to meet individual needs, and use advanced technology and time-tested techniques to achieve optimal results.