Dr. Kelsey Peterson, Orthopedic Surgeon, Pacifica Orthopedic Pacifica Orthopedic give bone and joint look after bones and joints, hands and also feet, shoulders, fractures, small lacerations and sprains/strains. Therapy choices consist of state of the art surgeries along with conventional administration of orthoscopic troubles. Spine surgeon,Huntington Beach.

Pacifica Orthopedics reaches past the bounds of conventional orthopedic care by providing comprehensive solutions that integrate conventional medical treatment, regenerative medicine, and rehabilitation medication. With their multidisciplinary technique, they’re prepared to assist each person recuperate their health, restore toughness, as well as return to peak functioning.From their youngest people through retired grownups who wish to stay healthy as well as energetic, the physicians at Pacifica Orthopedics in Huntington Beach, The golden state, are available to deal with every kind of trauma, injury, degenerative condition, as well as condition that affects the bone and joint system.Along with usual problems like sprains, carpal tunnel shoulder, knee and syndrome injuries, the carriers at Pacifica Orthopedics concentrate on stopping, diagnosing, as well as treating injuries associated with trauma, sports and also deterioration.Their sports medication team includes specialty doctors, doctors, discomfort management medical professionals, and also physical therapists.

They supply orthopedic treatment while dealing with all variables that affect efficiency, from psychological blocks to ideal training.With a devotion to sophisticated regenerative medicine, the group provides reliable and also cutting-edge treatments such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) shots, which speed up recovery.The orthopedic doctors at Pacifica Orthopedics are experts in minimally invasive orthopedic surgery, consisting of back, endoscopy, as well as arthroscopy surgical treatment. Their dedication to comprehensive treatment is seen in their diverse in-house solutions, that include rehabilitation, pain monitoring, and diagnostic imaging.The specialists at Pacifica Orthopedics are also qualified suppliers of AME, QME, and IME records. They have years of experience in medical-legal orthopedic analyses and also therapy, with a concentrate on fast turn-around of records.Numerous orthopedic subspecialties are practiced by their providers: Dr. Paul Wakim, Dr. Emile Wakim, Dr. Robert Ahearn, and also Dr. Kelsey Peterson. To get more information regarding their substantial services, call the office or make use of the hassle-free online booking feature.

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